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Dr. Christopher Reynolds

                               International Author   Keynote Speaker   Master of Ceremonies   

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What a Capital Idea – Australia 1770-1901

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The new book What a Capital Idea – Australia 1770-1901 lifts the lid off the Australian story and exposes the myths. It is the most comprehensive and accurate record of Australian history ever published.

Author, Christopher Reynolds, explains: “What a Capital Idea is not just another history book that runs through the events of Australia’s history since settlement. I thoroughly investigate the reasons for political and commercial decisions – chasing down the money trail and looking for the context and people behind events like never before.”

                Christopher is passionate about the stories of Australian history. Through his humour and ‘yarns’  he shares insights drawn from historical facts.  


Dr. Reynolds, is an International Speaker, Political Philosopher and Author.

He now seeks to inspire pride in this great nation of Australia. 

He is ready to share his optimism for Australia’s future.

Christopher is a charismatic speaker and draws from his global experience and knowledge to make him truly exciting to hear.

To inquire for Dr. Reynolds to attend your Conference, Event or Fund Raiser, just contact us.


Dr. Christopher has previously held positions with the U.S. Congress and Senate , working in the senior position of Senior Professional Stall for the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

He wrote Mitch McConnell’s first legislation, and worked on several projects with White House staff.  Christopher received a Commendation from President Reagan for his “excellent work”.

Christopher has truly rubbed shoulders with Washington royalty.

Christopher has been the owner and principal of a school, the Executive Director for the World Trade Centre, Sydney, and chaired meetings for APEC  in 2000. Read more


B.A., Dip Ed. (Flinders), B. D. (Melbourne), M.A. (Claremont), Ph. D. (Claremont)

Dr. Reynolds completed his Ph.D. and Masters degrees at Claremont Graduate University. Forgoing his acceptance into Harvard, he chose to study for his Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate School, in California. Claremont Graduate School (now ‘University’) is one of America’s most prestigious and exclusive universities and modelled on the Oxford tradition, with a teacher-student ratio of one professor per four students.

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Dr. Christopher Reynolds has written reports and legislation for the US Congress, the US Senate and the New South Wales Parliament.

He has published articles in academic journals, newspapers and magazines in Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States on issues of economics, political affairs and social affairs.

He is the author of:

What a Capital Idea – Australia 1770-1901, published by Reynold Learning, Australia, 2023. Read more

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