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Dr. Reynolds has previously held positions with the U.S. Congress and Senate, working in the senior position of Senior Professional Stall for the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and the House Committee on Children, Youth and Families.

He wrote Mitch McConnell’s first legislation, 

and worked on several projects with White House staff. Christopher received a Commendation from President Reagan for his “excellent work”.

In writing legislation to increase a family’s annual tax deduction from $2,000 to $2,000 for each member of a family, the White House contacted Christopher and told him not to worry about the legislation as the idea was so good that President Reagan agreed to just do it and announced the initiative in his Labor Day speech.


Christopher’s work in the Congress and the Senate came to the attention of the White House. Christopher was made a regular guest at monthly White House briefings and Douglas Holladay, the Associate director of Public Relations considered employing Christopher in the White House. Abigail Healey, of the White House, wrote to Christopher saying “If we had more professional staff working for the congress with your ability and commitment, I believe solutions to problems like substance abuse would be more easily attained.” He was then invited to attend the Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas in 1984.

In taking up the position of Senior Professional Staff for the Senate

 Committee on the Judiciary, responsible directly to Senator Mitch McConnell, Christopher was to meet Senators Teddy Kennedy, Joe Biden, John Heinz, Gary

 Heart, Paul Trible, John Warner, John Glen and Richard Lugar – who later met with Christopher again in Sydney. Christopher also became friends with several congressmen: Tony Hall, Bill Nelson (now head of NASA), Frank Wolf and Dan Coates (later a US Senator and then worked as Director of National Intelligence under Donald Trump).

Christopher has truly rubbed shoulders with Washington royalty.

Returning to Australia, Dr. Reynolds took up the position of Executive Officer for the New South Wales Minister of Roads, Ports, Public Works and Darling Habour. Moving to the private sector, he wrote the Grim Reaper AIDS Campaign and then, working for Network Communications, had contracts with five of the divisions of BHP. He then became the Executive Director for the World Trade Centre, Sydney.

Christopher has been the owner and principal of a school, a university professor, and chaired meetings for APEC in 2000. He has worked on three US political campaigns – for a congressional district, the US Senate and a Presidential race. In Australia, he has worked on several state and federal campaigns.



Christopher Reynolds

       B.A., Dip Ed. (Flinders), B. D. (Melbourne), M.A. (Claremont), Ph. D. (Claremont).

Dr. Reynolds completed his Ph.D. and Masters degrees at Claremont Graduate University. Forgoing his acceptance into Harvard, he chose to study for his Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate School, in California. Claremont Graduate School (now ‘University’) is one of America’s most prestigious and exclusive universities and modelled on the Oxford tradition, with a teacher-student ratio of one professor per four students.

At Claremont, Christopher studied Philosophy – with course work in political science, political philosophy, constitutional law and ethics. He was a Claremont Fellow in 1982 and 1983, which covered all his tuition and accommodation fees of some $150,000 per year.

He completed his Ph. D. (a seven year program) within three years – setting a university record. For his dissertation, he rewrote the Executive Government Section of the Australian Constitution, working under the guidance of Leonard Levy, the famous American constitutional law professor. Forming friendships with the renowned Peter Drucker and Alvin Toffler, Christopher gained insights into economics and a changing world that would influence his thinking throughout his life. Christopher was a guest in Peter’s home the night that he retired. 

As a fieldwork project for Claremont University, Christopher designed a project for the Pomona City Council that he called and became the ‘Neighborhood Watch’ program. Christopher was then accepted into the Hubert H. Humphrey Student Training School program, in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Christopher Reynolds was first listed in the International Who’s Who Historical Society in 2006.

Christopher started his teaching career as a high school teacher in South Australia and was to become a registered teacher also in Queensland and New South Wales. At Flinders University in South Australia, Christopher studied history and political philosophy, as well as Aboriginal Studies for his Dip.Ed. At Melbourne University, Christopher completed a four year post graduate program to gain his B.D., studying philosophy, theology, ancient history, biblical studies, Greek and Hebrew.

Christopher has been a lecturer and professor in Bond University, Queensland University of Technology, and the University of Brunei. He has also been the owner and principle of a school specialising in helping children with learning difficulties for 10 years. Dr. Reynolds created a program to increase children’s learning and intellectual capacity which gained recognition in the Oxford-Cambridge Guide to Global Education and Skills as among the top 200 programs in the world for innovative education.

While at the University of Brunei, Dr. Reynolds was appointed by the Sultan of Brunei to the Brunei Economic Development Council Subcommittee on Oil and Gas Diversification to work on remodelling the economy and was then made a representative to APEC becoming the Chair of the APEC 2000 Study Centre Consortium Meetings. In this period, he had his book Global Logic: The Challenge of globalization for South-East Asian Business published by Pearson Education.

Christopher has published in academic journals in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia. He has completed courses with the Australian Institute of Management, is a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha – the National Political Science Honor Society of the United States, and is a life member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia. 


Dr. Christopher Reynolds has written reports and legislation for the US Congress, the US Senate and the New South Wales Parliament.

He has published articles in academic journals, newspapers and magazines in Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States on issues of economics, political affairs

 and social affairs.

He is the author of:

 * What a Capital Idea – Australia 1770-1901, published by Reynold Learning, Australia, 2023.

 * Mr. Meerkat’s Poetry for Children, published by Reynold Learning, Australia, 2021.

* Learning Development, Reynold Learning, Australia, 2021.

* In the Shadow of the Crown, published by Lulu, United States , 2015.

* Global Logic: The Challenge of globalization for South-East Asian Business, published by Pearson Education, Singapore,2000.

* Editor of Private Policing – Contemporary Issues, published by Butterworths, Australia 1996.

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